Take Care Of Your Health Every Day With These Simple Tips!

Every day we go through different phases of detoxification that take place through the liver and lymphatic system. And juice-based detox periods help even more by regenerating the liver and improving the elimination processes.

Every day we go through different phases of detoxification that take place through the liver and lymphatic system. And juice-based detox periods help even more by regenerating the liver and improving the elimination of toxins. But detoxifying and cleansing the body is not just a process that takes place only at the beginning of the year – nor should it involve a cure for fluids and starvation.

To subtly incorporate detoxification into your daily life, try these simple methods. They are light, efficient and most importantly: many of them are really enjoyable!

Make sure you have a clean water source

Tap water brings with it various chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride and other residues that affect the intestinal flora and disrupt the endocrine system. Consuming clean water allows the body to hydrate and eliminate waste more efficiently, because it does not have to make extra efforts to filter chemicals from the water.

Put a water filter in the sink as well as in the shower. Baths in hot water that contain chlorine promote its absorption through the skin, which is the largest organ of the body. Shower filters are easy to install and will contribute to daily detoxification by preventing the accumulation of additional toxins.

Choose foods without the addition of chemicals.

Every day we are exposed to dozens of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, processed oils, additives, artificial colors and flavors from the food we eat. And even if we have a diet rich in unprocessed foods, if they are not organic, they can pollute our body with chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. The solution: seasonal products, bought from local producers and a higher share of homemade food.

Try dry brushing.

You will fall in love with this method of daily detoxification! Dry brushing of the skin helps to remove dead cells, which allows the skin to breathe better. And as a bonus: you will feel your skin cleaner and smoother.

It is best to do this brushing just before the shower, so that you can wash the resulting dry skin after brushing. Brushing should be done clockwise, from the feet to the heart to stimulate detoxification and circulation.

Keep your seat regular.

Most of the residue in the body is eliminated through the stool, so it is important to maintain your stool regularly. That is, daily or even twice a day.

Do this by consuming plenty of water and fiber – mainly fruits and vegetables – but also by daily exercise and relaxation exercises. This is necessary for the colon, which is a muscle, and when we are tense, the colon is tense.

Learn to breathe deeply.

Most of us breathe short and shallow without realizing it. Learn to breathe deeply, this will help you cleanse and detoxify your lungs, reduce stress and transport more oxygen to your tissues.

Keep your personal care products clean.

From shampoo to shower gel, from day cream to makeup, we expose our bodies daily to toxic chemicals. And women are at a higher risk in this regard than men, because they use more care products, on average 12 per day.

All these toxic products should be replaced with the same kind of products, but without chemicals, so as not to disrupt hormonal activity. If this seems difficult, choose one product that you use every day and start with that. You can even make your own personal care products with the help of essential oils, natural butters (shea, cocoa, avocado, etc.) and floral waters.

Laugh whenever you get the chance.

Sure, it’s important to detoxify our body – but it’s just as important to detoxify the mind. Laughter has many health benefits, including reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. So make room for fun in your life and don’t waste a day without laughing!

Common Health Tips That Are Totally False

From carrots that improve your eyesight to drinking milk, here are 20 health tips that are actually myths.

  1. Milk helps the body of adults

This type of advertising is very well rooted in people’s minds. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has promoted drinking four glasses of milk a day to provide adults with calcium and vitamin D. Numerous studies have shown that there is no link between milk consumption and low bone fractures.

  1. Organic food is pesticide-free and healthier

Organic food is not necessarily free of pesticides and is not necessarily healthier. Farmers who grow organic products can use chemicals that are derived from natural products, in some cases they are much more harmful to the environment than synthetic ones. The levels of pesticides in both organic and non-organic food are low, not having a negative effect at the time of consumption. Consumption of organic food does not bring a higher nutritional intake than non-organic food.

  1. It’s okay to eat the food you dropped on the floor if you picked it up in a maximum of five seconds

The five-second rule is not real, bacteria can contaminate food in a few milliseconds. A number of tests have shown that soft foods attract bacteria faster than dry food, but there is no time when it is “safe”.

  1. The chemical tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the brain relax, producing a feeling of drowsiness. But not only turkey contains tryptophan, cedar cheese has a much higher concentration of this amino acid. Experts say that carbohydrates, alcohol and heavy meals in general cause drowsiness.

  1. Chocolate produces acne

For several months, the researchers fed dozens of people with bars with a concentration 10 times higher than chocolate and dozens of bars that mimicked the taste of chocolate. After counting the pimples on the participants’ faces, they found no difference between those who ate chocolate bars and those who did not.

Boost that butt with this home

Small buttocks, large buttocks, flat buttocks or round buttocks. Oh how we love them! We sit on them all day and they make our pants hang. But that a lot of sitting also means that the muscles in the buttock are a little neglected.

 Workout for the buttocks

With this butt workout you give the glutes a little TLC. Okay, maybe not very ‘ tender ‘, it will burn quite a bit afterwards. But the love and care you give them will eventually be rewarded with an even better buttocks in the pants.

 So grab that mat, sports ball, dumbbells and rubber band and work. it. out!

 Train that butt

For this workout you need; a mat, a resistance band, bumbbells, a fitness ball and a coffee table or bench.

 Do three one-minute rounds of each exercise. You do the single leg exercises for one minute per leg.

 Band-Resisted Squat Walks:

Put the resistance band high around the legs and walk sideways back and forth in a squat position and then back and forth.

Moonwalk Staggered Romanian Deadlifts:

Grab the dumbbells and take moonwalk steps backward, lowering the dumbbells to your ankles and back up after each step.

Bulgarian Split Squat with a Pulse:

Hold a dumbbell in front of your chest, stand with your back to a coffee table or bench and place your foot on it. Drop your knee to just above the ground, come up briefly, drop down again, then come all the way up.

Dumbbell Hip Thrust:

Sit on the floor in front of the bowl or table and place a dumbbell as high as possible on your lap. Support your shoulder blades on the bench and push your hips up until your legs are bent at a ninety degree angle and then lower back to just above the ground. Use your hands to hold the dumbbell in place.

Band-Resisted Fire Hydrants with Extension:

Put the resistance band around your hips and sit on the mat on elbows and knees. Raise your bent leg out to the side, extend and retract.

Are gherkins healthy or not healthy? The answer!

Many pregnant women abuse pickles during pregnancy. The more the better. Whether that is bad? Not good, not bad. Gherkins are healthy, but they also have flaws. In this article we will tell you everything about the small cucumber.

 Which is therefore packed with few calories, but also contains a lot of salt.

 Are gherkins healthy or not healthy? The answer!

First about what a pickle is exactly. You hate it, or you love it is often said about the mini cucumber. And that it is a cucumber is clear, because a pickle is in fact just a pickled cucumber. They are placed in a container of salt water and then after – hold on – taken out again for about three months. And it is precisely that process that makes them firm and sour.

 And whether you like pickle or not, the small cucumber has both health benefits and drawbacks. We share them!

The advantages

  1. Low in calories

Did you know that a pickle contains only 14 kcal per 100 grams? That makes the snack a very good snack! Please note that with everything it is wise to eat in moderation. So the same goes for pickle.

  1. Vitamin K

Pickles contain a lot of vitamin K, which is indispensable for your body. The vitamin is essential for blood clotting in your body. In fact, if you are deficient in vitamin K, for example, a wound can continue to bleed longer.

  1. Packed with minerals

In addition, pickles are full of minerals such as iodine. These minerals are important for your metabolism and also have a positive effect on the proper functioning of your nervous system and energy supply.


  1. High salt content

Because some types of pickles soak for three months in a salt bath, the salt content is relatively high. So when you eat too many pickles, you get a lot of sodium and you run the risk of high blood pressure. It is therefore good to eat the mini cucumber in moderation.

  1. Other vegetables contain more vitamins

Although pickle does contain good substances and vitamins, other vegetables have more good nutrients. Of course, that does not make eating a pickle bad, but if you pay attention to your amount of minerals and vitamins, then you better go for kale or spinach.