Small buttocks, large buttocks, flat buttocks or round buttocks. Oh how we love them! We sit on them all day and they make our pants hang. But that a lot of sitting also means that the muscles in the buttock are a little neglected.

 Workout for the buttocks

With this butt workout you give the glutes a little TLC. Okay, maybe not very ‘ tender ‘, it will burn quite a bit afterwards. But the love and care you give them will eventually be rewarded with an even better buttocks in the pants.

 So grab that mat, sports ball, dumbbells and rubber band and work. it. out!

 Train that butt

For this workout you need; a mat, a resistance band, bumbbells, a fitness ball and a coffee table or bench.

 Do three one-minute rounds of each exercise. You do the single leg exercises for one minute per leg.

 Band-Resisted Squat Walks:

Put the resistance band high around the legs and walk sideways back and forth in a squat position and then back and forth.

Moonwalk Staggered Romanian Deadlifts:

Grab the dumbbells and take moonwalk steps backward, lowering the dumbbells to your ankles and back up after each step.

Bulgarian Split Squat with a Pulse:

Hold a dumbbell in front of your chest, stand with your back to a coffee table or bench and place your foot on it. Drop your knee to just above the ground, come up briefly, drop down again, then come all the way up.

Dumbbell Hip Thrust:

Sit on the floor in front of the bowl or table and place a dumbbell as high as possible on your lap. Support your shoulder blades on the bench and push your hips up until your legs are bent at a ninety degree angle and then lower back to just above the ground. Use your hands to hold the dumbbell in place.

Band-Resisted Fire Hydrants with Extension:

Put the resistance band around your hips and sit on the mat on elbows and knees. Raise your bent leg out to the side, extend and retract.