The ultimate, carefully selected multicoloured listings of Folt Bolt  Shop! Pick your favourite and take a closer look, clicking on the image.
You can find all of our RAINBOW listings HERE.

Nuno felted scarf by Art-Mode

Wildflower bouquet with bees card by Rowena Scotney

‘Mountains and lake’ by Durido

Beaded necklace by Olga Patlyuk

‘Evening Vision II’ reverse oil painting by Ottilia Cormos

‘Flower Power Vibe’ by Linda Malukka

‘Alfie and Rufus’ tea towel by Este MacLeod

OOAK Crazy Fibers yarn-wrapped necklace by Mariscapes

‘Paradise’ by Jackie Gale

‘Flower Power’ by Nisa Kiley

‘Spring Fox’ wool painting by Francesca Rizzato



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