Enjoy our ultimate Blue & Green selection. Just click on the image and you’ll be navigated to that artist.
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Appliqued Landscape Bag by IfONA

‘Green Sea’ art print by MiMano Art

Sterling silver oxidized bracelet with turquoise, pearls by RA Store

‘Earth’ hand painted ceramic ball necklace by Julia Kuznetsova

‘Greenery’ tea towel by Este MacLeod

‘Kite’ OOAK pendant with transparent enamel by Giampouras Jewellery

Lace Heart Ceramic Brooch by Ceraminic

‘Lupine Girl’ yarn wrapped necklace by Mariscapes

‘Approaching Morvah’ by Rowena Scotney

Elegant pistachio scarf, felted wool merino, silk by Art-Mode

‘Scourie Bay’ by Blue Green Sea

Blue lace crochet statement bracelet by Marmotescu

‘Spring Green’ mixed media photography by Gina Signore


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