Fiber Art Blue Begonia Leaves Headband Hairband Silk Begonia Pavonina



If you’re looking at this, you’re undoubtedly a nature lover and perhaps you even have a green thumb.

Whether you prefer potted plants in your parlor or you cultivate a world-class outdoor garden, or even an incomparable kitchen herb garden, your love of leafy plants goes way beyond kale, right?

Here’s a pair of beguiling begonia leaves for your hair. These are my interpretation of Begonia pavonina, the famed ‘Peacock Begonia’ whose leaves are a shimmering blue, and which lives in the forests of Malaysia.

•The larger leaf is made from a two-tone (blue and yellow threads) silk and measures 5” x 3.5” (13×9 cm). It changes color from blueish to green-tinted as the angle of the light changes.
•The smaller leaf is made from a green and blue silk and cotton brocade, measures 2.5” x 2.5” (6×6 cm). A tiny silver-tone bee is resting on it.

•The leaves are sewn together and are mounted on a black satin ribbon wrapped steel headband (3mm) flexible and comfortable to wear.
•You can wear it on either side, just slide it around the headband to the position you prefer!

These begonia leaves will have you equipped for this season’s round of garden get-togethers, wedding receptions, graduation celebrations, tea parties, birthday bashes, and soirées under the stars.

Alluring leaves for your tresses. Green thumb not required.

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When I was eight, my pop-pop presented me with a manilla folder, telling me there was a treasure inside. I pulled out a few 8×11″ color prints of the earth taken from space. In fact, these were the very first photos looking over the pale bumpy surface of the moon towards our brilliant blue marble hanging against a curtain of black.

That’s why I’m a seamstress and maker, fixer and mender, an avid gatherer of fabric remnants and scraps. Also, a lover of (especially) the tiniest creatures.

These days, you’ll often find me hunting for sumptuous upholstery leftovers at one of the many tapissiers here in Lyon, France and toting my rescued scraps, er…, I mean gems back home by the bagful.

Investing in a handmade textile butterfly (beetle, cicada or even spider) means you’re helping to keep heaps upon heaps of fabric from ending up in the landfill. Together, we can reduce waste and protect our planet and her creatures. We know our earth is not a dustbin.

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