Arachnophobia – Crusader spider hand embroidery interior


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Arachnophobia – Crusader spider hand embroidery interior
Designed and created by Zita Zimmermann
Perlina Creative Corner
Perugia, Italy

One of a kind, delicate hand embroidery, on light fabric.
I ship it to you with paper finish on the back side, carefully packaged.
For inquiries please contact me:

Size: 14 cm diameter = 5.51 inches.

See more designs from me here:

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Hello, my name is Zita and I come from the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary – currently based and creating in the heart of Italy: Perugia. I am the person behind the scenes of these embroideries, created in a small corner, called: Perlina Creative Corner …..and I am fully passionate about it!

I love to hide the elements of our cultures and our nature into my works and emphasize them. The four elements and the colors of our cultures are essential for our lives and I am trying to combine all these pretty things together in my work in harmony so we can carry on the traditions and cherish them.

I hope I can inspire you, or if you are searching for a precious item, you will find it, and if you are here: you like my creations and enjoy my projects!

I am searching permanently partners for wide range of co-operations! The more excited idea you have, the more I am interested! Feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your interest:

Zita Zimmermann

Perlina Creative Corner – Est. 2014

Perugia, Italy

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