How to Teach a Paint Party Virtual Bootcamp! (Online Course)



I have created success in my life through a ton of mistakes and lessons. This is why I love leading others, because you get to learn from my mistakes. You get to take the shortcut!

As I reflect on this past 10 years of teaching I realize that some of you want to have a side business. Maybe you’re not wanting to quit your full time job like I did, but you want some extra for summer vacations or whatever. I came up with a plan to make it EASY to join!
The answer was to give you a crazy, ridiculous deal on the Art Mentorship Virtual Bootcamp! Like so crazy, it’s a no brainer offer!!

Ever wanted to learn all my secrets on consistently Teach art parties?

Well, here is the deal… I am offering my Paint Party Revolution Virtual Bootcamp plus bonuses!!! The price includes learning all my secrets through online modules and training.

I hold your hand the whole way!


This will get you all of the module trainings, bonuses, access to a 1 hour masterclass of the MOST FAQ’s and you will be inspired to take action immediately!

So here it is creatively awesome friend, One Pay for $87 instead of the $397 on my website! Once you enroll at this price it will NEVER go up for you.
So if you have been waiting on the fence, wanting to take this course, this IS your opportunity now!

Learn how teach a paint party in as little as 4 weeks with my proven steps! I have many clients that have taught art parties to supplement their income. One of my clients has already taught 47 parties in just 10 months!!!! She is about to hit her goal of 50 parties this year!

I love teaching others the joy of art and this platform helps me to reach people and teach them how art can heal!

Check out all the goodies:
-> 8 Module Virtual Bootcamp with videos of me telling you EXACTLY what to do… and PDF handouts with step-by-step instructions.
– 1-Hour Masterclass of the MOST FAQ’s ANSWERED!
Additional Bonus: Bonus Tips on How to Make ADDITIONAL Money at the parties that you booked!
– Paint Party Marketing 101 – The exact steps I use and my clients use to NOT be a sitting duck! To get parties booked and to get paid! It includes EXACT email scripts and phone call scripts that I use NOW to make my parties happen!
AND a Canva and FB Events Training JUST FOR Marketing Paint Parties!!!

For the price of a trip to the grocery store….. you can learn how to create money for you and your family OVER AND OVER AGAIN! This TIME tested, PROVEN method has worked for tons of my clients and is what has turned this ex-full time teacher into a business owner!

This gives you access to what you have been wanting, hoping, wishing for!

Can you imagine creating art with other people and making money???
I want you to IMAGINE…
What if you finally had art as a part of your normal life?
What if you finally were teaching and inspiring other people?
What if you finally learned how to create your own income?
What if you finally were doing what you love?
What if you finally made money instead of breaking even?
What if you finally did it?
You know if I’m talking to you. Let’s Do this! You get INSTANT Access to all modules and you can go at your pace!


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I am a painter, entrepreneur, busy mom to my beautiful daughter Pixie and wife to my wonderful husband Bobby of 20 years! What keeps me going is my love for God, My Family & of course…ART! 

We lost everything! My family lost our home and cars along with all our pride back in 2007 and had to start from scratch. I was so embarrassed and heartbroken that just recently I started opening up about it to others.   I was teaching at a school full time, but NEVER wanted to feel that pain again so I started a little surf board painting business.

My family and I hand sawed over 1000 small surfboards and then I would sit at the beach 3 days a week for 12 hour days hand painting each one to the customers specification.   In just 2 months we had made around $20,000.   I was so empowered by the fact that I could be in control of my financial success and hopefully not feel that pain again.


After a much needed move back to Texas a friend asked if I had taught group paintings. (I had done this in Florida as well)   So at her community clubhouse I started offer Ladies Night Out paint events. I enjoyed the extra money and when my business kept growing it gave me the courage to take it to the next level. I now travel all over the USA teaching paint parties to large groups!   My daughter loves to join me on my road trips!

The lesson I learned 10 years ago was so hard, but I’m SO GRATEFUL!  If I wouldn’t have gone through the pain and the loss of my home and everything we owned I wouldn’t have this drive to fight so hard.   I truly believe that God has always led my heart to want to create art!   I am so thankful that all of you come to painting events and I can’t wait to see what the next adventure holds!

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