Robins nest locket, pocket watch necklace


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This vintage inspired pocket watch encapsulates a tiny robins home with three hand-sculpted speckled eggs nestled in a nest of real moss, lichens and branches! This is such a special piece and the perfect gift for mum or indeed any nature lover who treasures the little things in life.

The locket is made from a bronze pocket watch that I took apart, the eggs are hand-sculpted from polymer clay and painted. I create the rest of the garden using real moss, plants and flowers, not to mention a pair of extremely fine tweezers and bucket-loads of patience! The flowers and plants have all been dried and treated so you don’t need to worry about them wilting.

The inner face of the watch is made from acrylic, the outer cover is glass. The outer cover pops open when you press the button down.

The locket hangs on a 28 inch long bronze watch chain and measures 50mm in diameter.

As this piece is made with real plants, please take care to keep this necklace dry, and store it away from direct sunlight when you’re not wearing it.

* I love to make custom pieces, whether it be flowers from your bridal bouquet, a scrap of lace or a strand of a loved ones hair I can make you something really special and unique.

* Please feel welcome to message me to reserve an item.


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Hello, my name is Khrystyna and I’m the designer/maker behind Ruby Robin. My handcrafted jewellery is designed to allow the quiet beauty of nature to shine, to stir the imagination, inspire wonder in small things and encapsulate a microcosm of forgotten memories. I make my jewellery using a range of strange and beautiful curiosities, found in the woods and on the mountain sides, combed from the windswept beaches and picked in the wild meadows. 

Each piece I make, is infused with it’s own story, inspired by the quiet beauty of the nature and our relationship with the wild world around us. I strive to inspire a sense of childhood wonder in the wearer, taking you back to that feeling of excitement you had as a child when you found a fragment of a speckled blue robins egg in Spring, a perfectly formed seashell on a windswept beach or some other small marvellous thing from nature. 

I create wearable keepsakes, microcosms of memories that can be kept close to our hearts and worn where ever life takes us. I hope that in wearing my jewellery you can share in that sense of wonder, find a moment of comfort in an ever accelerating world and express a facet of your self with a keepsake that fits, truly and perfectly with you. In the words of Ralph Emerson, ‘nature always wears the colours of the spirit.’

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